Wild Things at Home - Videos

Wild Things has created a series of short nature based videos with activity ideas you can do in your back garden, yard and/ or on your daily walk.  The videos are free to access. 

The videos include:

  • Backyard activities - under 5's 

  • Backyard activities - over 5's 

  • Campfire cooking & foraging

  • Family Challenges 

We all know the importance of being outdoors, now more than ever, so tune in and have a go.

Activity Videos

The videos are free to access - with a wide range of activities, including foraging ideas, nature based craft, bird spotting & bird song. 

Facebook Group

Wild Things also has a Facebook group to:

  • To keep you updated when new activities are added on the Wild Things’ channel

  • A space for families to share what activities you take part in with photos and/or comments

  • To share other local businesses that are also offering online classes or activities

Please do join, everyone is welcome.