Spring WREATH kits

Wild Things is back with a spring in its step! And we are celebrating with a Spring Wreath kit.

Wild Things, with the gardening know-how from Michelle Allen-Brown are creating stunning Spring Wreath Making Boxes and  providing an online tutorial in how to make your own, unique wreath.

You will receive a box with locally sourced, seasonal foliage, willow hoop and a little gift from us, a seasonal drink, for you to enjoy while you are crafting.

We pride ourselves on providing locally sourced and compostable materials so your wreath can be fully composted and elements re-used.

What support do we get in creating our wreath? 

You will receive a box filled with everything you need - willow hoop, seasonal foliage and twine.

You can then choose to:

  • watch an online tutorial, or

  • follow the step by step  instructions provided

20210309_152815000_iOS 1.jpg


You can choose to have your wreath box:  

  • sent by courier or, 

  • collect, for free, from a collection point from either Kirk Hammerton or York (YO23 1JS).

How do we recieve our wreath kit?