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Wild things goes live!

Weekly nature based activities for you & your children to do at home.

Wild Things is running two live weekly sessions - each week there will be a different theme with activities you can do either during the session or during the week.

Choose between:

  • Wednesday afternoon 2-2.20pm

  • Friday mornings 10.30-10.50am

For children aged 2 – 5 years old. Older children/siblings are very welcome to join in too.

Tickets starts from £4

Live weekly sessions

Sessions will include:

  • The infamous Wild Things welcome song!

  • A different focus each week - this week it’s all about garden birds

  • Activity ideas linked to the weekly theme

  • A story

Benefits of live sessions

  • Live, fun interactive sessions

  • Develop a connection with nature and an awareness of seasons

  • Easy activities you can do at home

  • Have a nature focus for the week

Who, when, how?


These sessions are aimed at children aged 2 – 5 years old. Older children/siblings are very welcome to join in too. The sessions will last around 15-20 minutes.

As we are live online anyone in the country – the world even – can join in so please do share this with your friends and family from afar!


  • Wednesday afternoon 2-2.20pm

  • Friday mornings 10.30-10.50am


Zoom won’t connect in the woods so we will be in Emma's garden. After you have booked a ticket you will receive a booking confirmation with a link to the Zoom session. There is also a private Facebook group where additional resources and activities will be uploaded to extend your child's play and learning throughout the week. 

Tickets start from £4 (there is also a 50p booking fee)


How do we join in?

You can buy a ticket here

Choose a ticket price you are happy to pay.

After booking you will receive a booking confirmation with the link & password to the Zoom session.

What happens if my child wanders off and doesn’t stay for the whole session?

Don’t worry – the forest school ethos is very much about children following their interests. If they wander off you can leave the session running, after a few minutes they may want to join in again.


Also, I plan to record the sessions so I can email a copy so you can access it when they are ready to do a bit more.  Also, if you join in they are more likely to join in.

The sessions are much shorter than usual Wild Things sessions, why?

Wild Things sessions are usually 1 ½ hours long and the ethos is about enabling children to follow their own interests and it’s not about sitting and listening if they are ready to play. For this reasons this session will be much shorter. The session gives an introduction to something nature based which can be revisited and extended throughout the week.

The sessions are designed to be fun, interactive and varied which is why I will endeavour to have a song, story, and an activity.​

I will also invite families to share photos and videos of their children doing the activities in the private Facebook group. This will help showcase everyone’s playing and learning. But please only share images you are happy for Wild Things to share and use for promotional purposes.

Do I need to be with my child during the session?

Yes please, the children will get much more from the session if you are engaged in it.

If you have any other questions please use the contact box below and Emma will get back to you.

WHo runs the sessions?

The sessions are run by Emma Hill, who has over 20 years' experience of working with children and families. She is a qualified primary teacher, has developed teaching resources for secondary schools to help develop key skills such as conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, been an advisory teacher for before and after school clubs and children's centre manager.  She is also a mum of two boisterous boys.


Emma is using her experience and enthusiasm for the outdoors to create a unique learning experience for families. 

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