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Back catalogue

February's Box 2021

  • Activity cards – with over 11 nature activity ideas

  • Heart shaped cutter

  • String

  • Screw eyes & washer

  • Secret ingredient (for bubble mixture!)

  • 6 mini pegs

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paint brush

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Box of chalks

  • Scavenger sheet



Event & Pack 

Wild Things teamed up with Avocado Event to bring a LOVE themed virtual forest school event.

After sharing the love themed book – Guess How Much I Love You – we had a bake along and made salt dough hearts.  


Using woodland treasures we imprinted them into the salt dough hearts.

avo_logo_colour (1).png
activity pack complete set.jpg

Activity Box 

Full of halloween inspired crafts, pack incuded: 

  • Activity ideas & instructions 

  • wooden cookie slices

  • conkers

  • goggly eyes

  • pens

  • paint & brush

  • wool

  • string

ghost lanterns.jpg

What do families think? 

"These activity boxes are brilliant! They help us get outside and exploring. It was great fun to all do together."

"I like that there is no plastic in the packaging and that it can be delivered through the letter box. Good combination of ideas and resources."

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