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Helping nature in our backyard - create a bee drinking station

There are lots of ways we can support and encourage nature in our outside space whatever the size, whether it’s a garden, balcony or yard to help attract lots of different wildlife.

1.      Plant native species - these provide food and habitat for local wildlife, such as birds, butterflies and bees.  

2.      Create shelter – if you can plant shrubs and trees (even miniature trees if space is limited) to provide shelter, places to hide and nesting sites for wildlife.

3.      Avoid pesticides – chemicals can be really harmful to wildlife.

4.      Build Habitats – if you can put up birdhouses, bat boxes, and insect hotels to provide additional nesting and roosting sites for wildlife.

5.      Attract Pollinators - plant flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Include a variety of flower shapes, sizes, and colours to appeal to different species.

6.      Provide water sources - Set up a birdbath or even a shallow dish for drinking and bathing. And don't forget the bees and insects - they need a water source too - why not make a bee drinking station.

Water station for bees and other insects

plant pot and saucer used to make a drinking station
Bee drinking station

Here’s a really simple but great way to set up a water station for bees and other insects using just a couple of items you might already have or you can get from a local garden centre.

plant pots, saucers and paint for the project
what you'll need

You’ll need:

  • Plant pot

  • Saucer

  • Stones – or  you can use glass beads or marbles if you have these

  • Paint

  • Glue – strong glue

We chose a terracotta plant pot and saucer so we could paint it and make it bright and colourful to help attract the bees and butterflies. I chose paint that has low VOC’s. VOCs are chemicals that evaporate, or off-gas, as the paint dries and can have negative effects on bees' health.

After we painted it and the pot and saucer was dry I glued it in place and added some stones in the saucer. The stones help to give the bees somewhere safe to land and not drown.

Now we need to find somewhere for the water station to be positioned – maybe near the lavender as this is a firm favourite of the bees.

Now we just need the sun to return….

I hope I’ve inspired you to have a look at your space and see what you can add to help the wildlife – starting with a drinking station is a great place to start….

I’d love to see any changes you make in your garden to help the wildlife – please share via email or tag me on socials:

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If you love this idea then head over in the Stay Wild Facebook group I will be sharing some more ways to rewild your garden, why not come over and join us:

If you are local to York, and love the idea of connecting with nature click below for more information.

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