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Welcome to my world! Forest School & outdoor play

Updated: Feb 8

Introducing Wild Things: Embracing Nature's Classroom

Hello, I'm Emma - the heart behind Wild Things. As a devoted mother of two teenagers, a loving wife, and the proud owner of a daft Labrador, I've embarked on a journey to cultivate a deeper connection between people and the great outdoors. At Wild Things, we specialise in forest school and outdoor sessions tailored for children, families, and adults in York. Additionally, I curate nature-based activity boxes designed to ignite curiosity and adventure in both young ones and grown-ups alike.

My professional journey has been rich with experiences in education and family support. Beginning as a primary school teacher, I transitioned into roles within a charity, where I developed resources aimed at nurturing essential life skills among secondary school students.  I also collaborated with local authorities in London to foster volunteer programs linking businesses with schools. Guiding schools in the creation of after-school clubs was another rewarding chapter before my journey brought me up north to Children's Centres.

Yet, it was the impact of motherhood that truly reignited my passion for the outdoors. Witnessing the transformative effect nature had on my children's mood, health, and sleep, as well as my own, sparked a desire to delve deeper into the benefits of been in nature. Eager to explore how children could safely embrace risk-taking while immersing themselves in nature, I found myself drawn to the enchanting world of forest schools - a path I haven't strayed from since.

An image of Emma, founder of Wild Things
Meet Emma - founder of Wild Things

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This blog serves as a platform to share insights gained through my forest school journey. Here, I aim to offer expertise on various aspects, including:

  • Strategies for encouraging children to embrace outdoor play.

  • Unveiling the holistic benefits of forest school for individuals of all ages.

  • Practical advice on affordable outdoor attire.

  • Recommendations for resources that enrich outdoor experiences, from captivating storybooks to engaging scavenger hunts.

  • Creative nature craft ideas to inspire imagination and exploration.

  • Campfire recipes to elevate outdoor adventures.

  • Tips for transforming your own outdoor space at home into a haven for exploration and discovery.

But the beauty of this journey lies in its shared experiences. I invite you to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. What aspects of forest school intrigue you? What questions do you have? Your input will shape the future discussions on this blog, ensuring they resonate with your interests and needs.

Thank you for embarking on this adventure with me. Together, let's explore the wonders of the natural world and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the untamed beauty that surrounds us.

If you live in the York area and would like to come to a session with your pre-school check out the dates, times and availability:

Warm regards, Emma



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