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A gift from Wild Things to you!


Download this image onto your phone and save as it as a photo. When you next go out for a walk, open your photos up, click on it and use it as a scavenger hunt.  You can mark your nature finds by using the edit functions in your phone. 


I love a good scavenger sheet and we use them during sessions at Wild Things, they

  • help us to slow down, and notice more
  • help us to notice the subtle changes in the seasons, as they are happening
  • give us a real connection, appreciation of nature
  • get us using the language of nature - lichen, snowdrops, robins etc 
  • And let’s be honest, is a GREAT way to get the children out of the house for yet ANOTHER walk!
  • And, it can help keep them outside for longer, distracted, interested & engaged!


I would love to know how this worked for you - please tag Wild Things into photos of your adventures @wildthingsgroup (facebook) @wildthingsforestsch (Instagram)  or join the NEW facebook group:

Spring Scavenger Hunt - mobile phone version

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