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A Springtime Magical Muddle - postponed until August


Join ‘Wild Things Forest School’ and ‘Hoglets Theatre’ for an adventure with a difference.

We want to take little ones on A Magical Springtime Muddle, a trail enveloped in promenade storytelling, interactive adventure and natural crafts.

Come and embark on a wild adventure to rescue the storm-battered magical world. Join Fairy Merryweather as she tries to bring her fairy friends safely home, but only with your help!

This atmospheric adventure finishes around a roaring campfire with a toasted marshmallow and Emma’s award-winning hot chocolate.

A Springtime Magical Muddle has been rescheduled to August. 

This exciting collaboration reunites Wild Things Forest School with Hoglets Theatre - following the runaway success of their Christmas show - to create a Magical Summertime special. 

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There is also a pop-up café for the parents.

The staggered start time enable families to enjoy the adventure at their own pace. There is no time-limit on your fun, just simply choose a start time when booking

This event is aimed at children 3+ and anyone who believes in magic!

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