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What to Wear

As we all know, the great British weather can be cold, wet and a bit unpredictable – but that isn’t going to stop our forest fun. Wearing the right type of clothing makes all the difference. Outdoor clothing can be expensive so it's worth buying second clothing from sites such as Ebay, York Mumbler and many outdoor shops have sales throughout the year. 


As well as wearing appropriate clothing please come prepared for you and your child/ren to get muddy, and stuck into paint, glue, glitter and other lovely sticky stuff! 


Here are some suggestions of suitable clothing for you and your children.

Autumn / Winter 


Warm socks, wellies


Long sleeved t-shirt

Sweat shirt/jumper


Waterproof coat and trousers

Hat, gloves, scarf

Change of clothes

Spring / Summer  


Lightweight trousers

Lightweight long sleeved t-shirt

Waterproof coat and trousers

Close toed shoes

Change of clothes



Every session - optional 


Bottle of water for you and your child/ren

A snack for your child 

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