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What can I expect?

We start around the campfire, with warm festive drinks and nibbles, and then you will have a demonstration on how to create a wreath. After this you will choose your foliage and make a start. Michelle & Emma are here to support you throughout the event. Our wreath event are a great way to kick start the festive season, with time to get creative, relax and create something really unique for your front door.

You will:

  • Have a short tutorial from Michelle to show you how to make your wreath

  • Support and guidance throughout the event

  • Choose from a selection of carefully selected foliage

  • Be introduced to a sustainable approach to creating wreaths

  • Enjoy refreshments– warm mulled gin or mocktail version around the campfire

  • Festive nibbles – we cater for individual allergies, intolerances and preferences.


I’ve never made a wreath before; I don’t know where to start!

Don’t worry, that’s why we are there to show you how to create your wreath, giving step by step guide, advice on foliage, and help throughout the event. People are often surprised at the end result and feel very proud of their wreath!

Who runs the workshops?

Emma, from Wild Things & Michelle, from Storm & Rose runs these workshops together. Michelle is the creative genius and has a natural style and knowledge of flowers and foliage and will help you create the most amazing, unique wreath. Emma is in charge of bookings and all things outdoors!

Where is the event?

The event is held at Emma’s Wild Things site, tucked away in the grounds of Millthorpe School. The site is completely outdoors - we have a roaring campfire, and Emma erects a shelter over the campfire to keep us warm, and a large shelter where we create our wreaths. Parking is available at the school.


Millthorpe School

Nunthorpe Avenue


YO23 1WF


What happens if it rains, snows or is windy?

It’s never snowed during one of our events, but how lovely would that be!

If it rains or snows we carry on – we have shelters to keep us dry, warm gin, campfire, blankets and we recommend you come dressed for the outdoors.

If it gets very windy and Emma deems it’s too windy to be safely under the trees then we move the event to an indoor location close by. If this happens you will be informed via text to update you.

What do we wear?

There is a playing field to cross to reach Wild Things’ site so we recommend you wear warm boots – walking boots are best, or wellies. Lots of layers are also best for keeping you warm.

If the temperatures are very low (I’ve not had to do this yet, as the temperature has been surprisingly mild) then I would recommend either thermals or leggings under trousers. Long sleeved tops are a great way to keep warm, woolly jumper, scarf or snood, hat and gloves.

What size are the groups?

We like to keep the group size relatively small, up to 12 people so we can give people the support they want and need. People often tell us how friendly the groups are so please don’t worry about coming on your own.

What sustainable methods do you use?

Rather than using a metal hoop we create our own hoop using willow. The willow is grown locally, in North Yorkshire.  Some of the foliage is foraged, but the majority is again brought locally. For tying the foliage onto the hoop we use twine, rather than gardener’s wire. All of this means that after Christmas your wreath can be completely composted.  We recommend keeping your willow hoop – many customers reuse this and create a spring wreath, or bring it back with them for their next Christmas wreath.

How long will the wreath last?

It’s hard to say exactly how long your wreath will last as the foliage changes every year but Michelle chooses foliage which will last for the Christmas period. There is enough moisture in the air to keep the wreaths looking fresh and when some of the foliage dries, such as eucalyptus it still looks amazing.

What do we need to bring with us?

Nothing! But if you have a favourite pair of secateurs then please feel free to bring these with you. Also, if you have a favourite plant you would like to include in your wreath, from your garden or from your walks then you are welcome to bring this and include it in your wreath.

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